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Chinese Culture Talk | Ausfeng

Chinese Culture Talk


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Chinese Culture Talk

  • Date: 28 - Apr - 2017
  • Time: 18:30
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Venue: Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Chinese Culture talk for website


International collaborations focusing on Chinese musical instruments are comparatively rare – especially outside China. In this very special event, young performers of Chinese instrumental music from China (China Conservatory of Music graduates) and Australia (members of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Chinese Music Ensemble) combine (for 28 Apr only) forces for an evening of fascinating music that brings together East and West. We are especially pleased to welcome Beijing Symphony Orchestra violinist and conductor Liu Zheng and China Conservatory of Music composer Zhu Lin to play with and introduce the young visiting performers.


LIU Zheng, national level performer, conductor, music educator, member of Chinese Musicians Association. Became the chief violinist of Beijing Symphony Orchestra when 29 years old; graduated from the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, studying violin and conductor; former guest chief of internationally renowned orchestra such as Vienna Graz Symphony Orchestra, Paris International Philharmonic Orchestra; professor of China Conservatory of Music and Hongkong Philharmonic School of Music; conductor of many other professional orchestra including the Shaanxi Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hongkong Youth Philharmonic Orchestra; was selected to be CCTV’s “Dream of life: Chinese Dream, My Dream” news figure and invited to be a judge of 2014 CCTV “Piano Violin Contest” for his exquisite violin skills, outstanding artistic achievements and music popularization education achievement; chairman of EU Orchestra Festival in 2015 and 2017. As the chief and independent conductor of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, LIU Zheng is currently employed by the China Radio Film Symphony Orchestra as guest conductor, playing a large number of symphonies, operas, film music and diverse styles of world famous songs. His warm, free yet delicate and humorous command style not only makes the scene extremely warm with the orchestra and the audience echoed and integrated, but also brings fresh vitality into the popular classical music performance and symphony music into the hearts of the audience.


Liu Zheng

ZHU Lin, master tutor, associate professor of Department of composer, China Conservatory of Music, deputy director of the teaching and research section of composition; graduated from the China Conservatory of Music and Shanghai Conservatory of Music; under the tutelage of professors including WANG Ning, GAO Weijie, YANG Liqing. Her works are widely acclaimed at domestic and international music festivals and concerts. Major works published and Awards:

  • “Du”–for Chinese chamber music: the Chinese Chamber Orchestra performed and recorded in the France Aveni Composing summer camp, the United States DELOS, CD
  • “Fairy Tale of Winter” –for Western Ocean Band: won the “Best Award” prize in the fifth composing competition of the Taiwan Provincial Symphony Orchestra.
  • “Song without words” –for Chinese plucked band, performed by the Chinese Juvenile Plucked Band under the command of CAO Wengong, , China Hong Kong Dragon sound and music, CD
  • “Light and Shadow of Dance” –for Chinese orchestra, Shanghai Music Publishing House, CD, won the fifteenth Mandarin Music Works Award, the silver prize of the third “New Cup” young composer Chinese orchestral music competition.
  • “Poem of Berth” –for Guzheng solo, performer QIU Ji’s commissioned work, staged in Beijing, Germany Hamburg National Music and Drama University, the United States Cincinnati College of Music and other places, Central Music Publishing House, score + CD
  • “Fragrance” –for Pipa Quartet, YANG Jing’s commissioned work of Chamber Orchestra, People’s Music Publishing House, DVD, won the 18th Mandarin Music Works Award, the fourth “New Cup” classical national chamber music award.
  • “CANG & CAI”–for Pipa Quartet, YANG Jing Chamber Orchestra’s commissioned work of, Shanghai audio and Video Publishing House, CD
  • “Lamu Drum” –for Chinese orchestra, performed in the 32nd “Shanghai Spring International Music Festival” by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra under the command of WANG Fujian)
  • “Pastorle in Five Episodes” –for String Quartet(T’ang Quartet), SCO Chinese Wind and Percussion Ensemble, Singapore Chinese Orchestra commissioned, premiered and recorded, Ye Cong command.


Zhu Lin


HAN Yan: studied at the Graduate School of the China Conservatory of Music; was admitted to the middle school of the China Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of famous pipa player DONG Nan in 2005; recommended for admission to the China Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of famous Pipa musician Professor YANG Jing in 2011; visited the United States, Singapore, Australia and other countries for performance on behalf of the Institute and received relatively high marks. Main experience:

  • 2008, Gold Prize of the Junior Professional Group in the “Wenhua Art Academy Award Third Chinese Instrumental Competition”.
  • 2014, Silver Prize of the Youth Group in the “Wenhua Art Academy Award Fifth Chinese Instrumental Competition”; won the combination of Bronze Prize with YANG Jing Pipa Chamber Orchestra.

Han Yan

WU Junyu: studied at the Graduate School of the China Conservatory of Music; was admitted to the middle school of the China Conservatory of Music in 2004, under the tutelage of associate professor YANG Lin; was admitted to the China Conservatory of Music with excellent results in 2010, under the tutelage of associate professor QIU Ji; served as Guzheng chief of the Junior Chinese Plucking Orchestra of China Conservatory of Music and the Chinese Orchestra, and completed the excellent performance in important music festivals and cultural exchanges both at home and abroad. Main Awards:

  • 2008, won Gold Award for Small Chinese Musical Instrument Group, in the Third Chinese Musical Instrument Competition of the Wenhua Art Academy Award hosted by Chinese Ministry of Culture.
  • 2009, won the third-level scholarship in the “LIU Mingyuan Scholarship” Chinese Instrumental Music Competition.
  • Won multiple scholarships awarded by the China Academy of Music in the school years between 2012 and 2015.

Wu Junyu

East Meets West – Chinese Culture Talk

When: 6.30pm, Friday 28 April
Where: Music Workshop, Level 1, Sydney Conservatorium
Entry: by invitation only
Parking: https://www.secureparking.com.au/car-parks/australia/nsw/sydney/131-macquarie-street

When: 2.30pm, Saturday 29 April
Where: the Consulate General of PR China in Sydney
Entry: by invitation only

Registration: essential by 24 April via events@ausfeng.com.au (upon seats availability)


1. “Lotus Emerging out of Water” –for Guzheng solo
2. “Poem of Berth” –for Guzheng solo (2012)
3. “The Conqueror Unarms” –for Pipa solo
4. “Voice of Void” –for Pipa solo(1929)
5. “Duet” –for Guzheng and violin (1989)
6. “Swan” –for Pipa solo (1984)
7. “A Moonlit Flowery Night on the Spring River” –for Guzheng and Pipa
8. “Clouds over the Rivers Hsiao-Hsiang” –for violin, Guzheng and Pipa