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Oriental Jasmine In Concert | Ausfeng

Oriental Jasmine In Concert


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Oriental Jasmine In Concert

  • Date: 24 - Sep - 2009
  • Time:
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Venue: Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

A spectacular, glamorous and stunning concert by Chinese traditional and ancient instruments from China Oriental Jasmine Girl’s Band.

OrientalJasmine4The COJGB, a band from the earthquake-hit Sichuan Province and one of China’s most dynamic and acclaimed musical ensembles, consists of 22 female professional artists: 14 musicians, 6 dancers, 1 singer and 1 magician, is touring Australia for first time to give once only performance in Sydney Opera House.

These talent girls each can play more than one instrument – the Gu Zheng (ancient zither with movable bridges and 16-25 strings), Pipa (four-stringed lute with pear shaped body), Yang Qin (Chinese hammered dulcimer with a near-square soundboard), Erhu (two stringed Chinese violin) and Dizi (bamboo flute), etc.

The multimedia concert blends Chinese folk instrumental programs with dancing, singing, and magic mask change, and distinct Chinese folk traditions with fashion.

Played with a combination of Chinese traditional folk instruments (like Kou-Xuan and Jiang-Di) and western music instruments (like saxophone and violin), the concert fuses traditional Chinese music with modern pop, rock, and jazz.